Amazon Echo Dot

Last year I started working with the Echo Dot. My brother in Texas bought one for my Father and I had to help him use it locally. From there we have become ensnared.

It all starts with a starter kit. It cost around $180. The prices keep changing especially at holiday time. The kit contained one Echo Dot, a Philips Hue Smart Hub and 2 Philips Hue white Bulbs.

You can easily start and have a lot of good use by just purchasing the Echo Dot for only $29.99 (during the holidays) it goes up to around $50 offseason.

The Echo Dot has many great uses. I first put one in my bedroom. It will allow you to listen to music, so I thought that is a good place to start. I installed the App on my phone and set it up to play my Pandora account. There are settings in the Alexa app to connect your current Pandora account. It now plays all my saved stations. The next settings I found useful was the Flash Briefing. It allows me to select news and information content that will play short bits when I request them. Once set up I just say “Alexa news” and it will play the items in the order requested.  Another great item was the weather. Just say “Alexa weather” and she will give you the weather for the day. If you say “Alexa seven-day forecast” it will give you the weather for the next week.